Kaabil: Rests on Performances

Kaabil is a poorly written film but Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam lift this clanky narrative, especially Hrithik…


The story is about Rohan Bhatnagar and Supriya who are blind. They meet at a coffee shop and this meeting leads to marriage. This love story finally takes a tragic turn and then this blind man seeks revenge.

That’s all Kaabil is about. Though the story is predictable, there are certain twists and turns in the film that blow your mind. The first half is a beautiful love story, but it’s too stretched. It is the second half where director Sanjay Gupta loses his grip over the film which is then just all over the place. The narrative loses its charm very soon into the film and there isn’t much to offer because you know what is coming. The action seems good initially, but becomes repetitive very soon. The over digitisation of the landscape is something that doesn’t really work in Hindi cinema, but you’ll see it here.


There is a scene in the film that I really loved. Which is when Rohan and Su are in a mall and they get separated. The tension on their face, the sense of losing each other and the desire to find one another is outright beautiful.

The film also defies logic. Sanjay Gupta has paid attention while carving out the characters of Rohan and Su but not enough while forming the others and that’s where the logic lacks. For example, a fogging machine is all Rohan needs to fool the policemen and a politician moves about without any security.

Brothers Ronit and Rohit Roy play the villains, but they aren’t villainous enough. Their characters seemed to have been borrowed from old times.


But, there is icing on this half baked cake, and that is the performance by Hrithik Roshan. His love for his wife and genuineness to seek revenge is something I bought into very soon. Also, minutes into the film he makes you believe he is actually blind, even during the songs.

Yami Gautam acts like the cherry on the cake. She is radiant and her performance is as genuine as Hrithik’s. After films like Total Siyyapa, Action Jackson, Sanam Re and Junooniyat, I had completely lost all my hopes in her, but here she proves me wrong.

But no matter how good she is, Kaabil is a Hrithik Roshan show. And the chemistry between Hrithik Roshan and Yami Gautam is just perfect.


All in all, with powerful performances and a beautiful first half, Kaabil is one time watch.

If I had to rate the film, 3 minute ka item number hai Urvashi Rautela has, but she’s just too bland…

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