BBTalks: The Valentine’s Day Facade

Why does one particular day, picked by the people at large, for centuries, have to describe your love for your beloved? Is this universal day more important to you than your anniversary, or the day you first met, had your first kiss and so on and so forth. Don’t you think that on this day, when you celebrate the feeling of love with everyone around you doing the same, there is a certain loss of intimacy, of personal space? Well, I am not anti-Valentine’s Day. I just think that it is not a concept as intimate as that of love – the love I have for my special someone.

As a task, I went down to the streets of Mumbai (just Marine Drive) where I spoke to certain people about how bizarre they think this day is and got pretty great comments on it. Here are my favourite ones:

Sometimes, our culture, religion and traditions take hold of our lives and we are just not allowed to step outside of it. I met this girl, aged 19-20 in a Burkha and this is what she had to say.

In India, we do not have the right to express our sexuality completely, without being afraid of the society. But aren’t we free enough to do so? Wasn’t independence granted to India more than 65 years back without and terms and conditions?


This one is one of my favourites! Exactly my point! This (auspicious) day is no landmark that couples set, or is it?


Unrequited love is like an unheard prayer! Well…


Same. Situation. Period.



Disclaimer: None of the people who gave their statements wanted their names on this and hence their identity hasn’t been revealed. All the above movie stills have been taken from Google. None of them have been clicked/created by us. 

Bombay Balloon maintains a copyright to the creatives. 



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