Here’s why Mira Rajput Kapoor’s take on feminism has created a hullabaloo

Mira Rajput Kapoor may have said what she may have and what she also believes in and there is no battle between her thoughts and mine, I completely respect that but where she falls is in the wrong interpretation of certain words and above everything in voicing out her opinion. Now there is nothing wrong in voicing out your opinion, I am doing it right now. But how many people are going to read this? What is my reach to the masses? 5,10,15? And if I’m over ambitious, say 200. But what about Kapoor’s reach? Being a public figure, her voice, her opinions will definitely reach out to a lot of people and to begin with, there are many (uneducated, maybe) people in India and even the world who do not understand the basic meaning of feminism.

Feminism is not a term as complicated as women empowerment. It does not just mean upliftment of women. It simply stands for equality. Patriarchy has ruled, not only India, but almost every other country in the world. There was a time when men dominated the various spheres of life while women stayed at home, taking care of the household chores. A lot of women do that today too. There is no problem in that. The problem lies in the fact that certain women do that out of pressure and not choice. That’s where we need feminism.

Kapoor stated that the new wave of feminism is destructive and that she’s happy to be a housewife. “There is a term called ‘feminazi’ which is now becoming the female equivalent of a male chauvinist,” she said. These claims, to me, seem to be very very ignorant of all the things this supposed ‘new wave of feminism’ has done to mankind. This awareness of the term ‘equality’ has brought along with it, a lot of good for man and woman both. Today, women are walking with men, shoulder to shoulder, in fields that were dominated by men.

Very bluntly, Kapoor uses the the term feminazi. We’ve all heard of it recently, haven’t we? Maybe, a little too much. But is the use of this term in our day to day lives not creating damage? Of course it is. So why do we use it so much? It’s because of people like Kapoor. Mira Rajput Kapoor belongs to a certain elite class where she has the power, as I said, to influence people. It is people like her (in this case, ironically educated) who spread a wrong message, a wrong interpretation of words.

Kapoor has a degree in literature from Lady Sri Ram College, University of Delhi and this is completely unexpected of her. Today, if a woman has the power to choose between going out to work and staying at home, she is empowered enough, she has faced the right to equality. Also, what Kapoor, knowingly or unknowingly, ignores while giving out her opinions and its repercussions, is that fact that unlike her, there are women (and men) who are not fortunate enough to afford a basic education, let alone know all these so-called complicated terms…

The new wave of feminism is destructive and I am happy to be a housewife.

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