Trailer Tales: Sonata

Trailer Tales: Sonata

When a film boasts of the director being Aparna Sen while the cast includes Aparna herself, Lillete Dubey and Shabana Azmi, you sure have to watch it, don’t you?


Sen’s Sonata deals with the mid life crisis of these three (unmarried) women, as they go about life in one apartment, sipping wine, lusting over men in briefs and all this while, making sure that no one hears their conversations.

Based on Mahesh Elkunchwar’s play, Sonata talks about the complexities and isolation that these three women – a journalist, a professor and a banker – have to deal with while going about their so called modern life. All of them have different backgrounds, despite which, in fact because of which, they manage to cherish each other. And if you’re thinking that three women on screen means a feminist film, you’re wrong. Dubey has clearly mentioned in the trailer, “we are not even feminists.”

If nothing, you have to watch Sonata for the performances by the three ladies, specially Shabana Azmi. We hope the movie delivers as much as the trailer does, but of course it will! It’s Aparna Sen for Gods sake! Also, the trailer has Emily Dickinson’s celebrated poem, ‘Because I could not wait for Death’ in it, so double yay! 

Watch the trailer here:

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