After Kangana Ranaut’s ‘nepotism’ remark, Nawazuddin Siddiqui comments on racism 

It’s no news that Bollywood has certain stereotypes and biases that are created by the people of the industry themselves or should we rather say by th powerful few of the industry. After Kangana Ranaut’s striking ‘nepotism’ comment, everyone had been speaking about it, even today. No one in the industry (except a few, of course) seem to have not taken her comment well. 

It’s now Nawazuddin Siddiqui’s chance to speak up. Nawaz, as all of us know is a fine actor, but seems like his skin colour is a problem for some producers and directors, or maybe some actress, who is probably less talented than him, if not equal. Turns out Nawaz was rejected for a role because of his skin colour. Here’s what the actor tweeted:

Well, in this day and age, what is this? Is it even real? 


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