Miss Malini refused to interview Neha Bhasin at IIFA; Bhasin slams her

Bollywood sure has a monopoly of stars over everyone else. The singers, choreographers and their likes suffer because of favouritism and idolism of the stars. And not just this, female singers have more trouble than their male counterparts. 

Miss Malini, a Bollywood blogger was there at IIFA to cover the event. While she was interviewing almost every celebrity, she did make some goof ups. For instance, she mistook Armaan Mallik for Amaal Mallik.

After reading these tweets, Aditi Singh Sharma took good advantage of the situation to point out the stereotypical differences between actors and non-actors, and tweeted:

To which Miss Malini replied:

But Aditi wasn’t to stop:

Neha Bhasin took good advantage of the heat of the moment, like Sharma, and raised her concern as well. 

Bhasin then shared her incident at IIFA this year. 

Miss Malini, wanting to pacify the turn of events, then tweeted:

Bhasin, who seems to have been pretty much done with Miss Malini, replied:

Neha made sure she didn’t let go of the heat of the moment and said:

In order to end this debate and save whatever dignity she had left (if any), Miss Malini replied to Neha saying, 

Well, most importantly it’s not Miss Malini who we have to blame alone, but several other such media houses who run after stars, but don’t care about the other talented people (across genres) in our industry. Neha Bhasin, we stand by you!