Here’s all the fun from the Hawayein launch with Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma

We attended the song launch of Hawayein from Shahrukh Khan and Anushka Sharma’s Jab Harry Met Sejal with the stars, director Imtiaz Ali and music composer Pritam. Here is all the fun you might have missed:

A good director always knows!

HealthBenefits ofOranges-7

Well, we completely agree with what Anushka has to say here…

HealthBenefits ofOranges

A truer word hasn’t been spoken.

HealthBenefits ofOranges-3

Mr Khan sure knows how to give a compliment! 

HealthBenefits ofOranges-6

Wonder what Gauri has to say to that…

HealthBenefits ofOranges-5

That’s what modesty looks like!

HealthBenefits ofOranges-4

Here is an advice SRK has for you before you go watch the film…

HealthBenefits ofOranges-2

We got lucky to be one of the first few to be able to see and listen to the song. Here is a part of it:

And what’s better than Pritam Da singing it himself?

You can watch/listen to the entire song here.



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