Kajol talks about Suhana Khan’s paparazzi incident

Stars aren’t spared at all when it comes to the paparazzi. And nowadays, even star kids aren’t spared at all. Look at all those picture of Misha Kapoor and Taimur Ali Khan and their likes making numbers on the internet. Recently, after Suhana Khan’s paparazzi incident, when they just wouldn’t let her go, she had to call daddy Shahrukh Khan for her rescue. While promoting her next, VIP2, Kajol was asked about the same and she said no one ever dare to do something like this to Nysa or Yug.

“If something like this were to happen with Nysa or Yug, I’d be infuriated. It’s sad that the Indian paparazzi has reached a stage where it can do this to a kid. What happened with her sounds like bullying to me. We are stars; it’s our job to accept all of that. But to be doing that to someone who is nothing more than an impressionable teenager is harassing her in plain words. They should be more responsible when it comes to dealing with our kids. We signed up for this, they didn’t.”

Adding further she said, “We can only protect our kids to a certain extent. I hope I have brought up my kids well enough to handle that pressure. They are born to stars and that is something they can’t change. At the same time, I don’t see the need to expose them unnecessarily.”

“Ajay (Devgn) and I are clear that our children need to have the liberty to make the choices that any regular kid their age can. Whether her [Nysa] choices involve being in the movies, is entirely her call,” Kajol concluded.

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