Indu Sarkar: What is Madhur Bhandarkar upto?

This year hasn’t been the best year for Hindi Cinema, in fact, it has been a very bad year. After Madhur Bhandarkar’s Heroine, no matter how much I love Kareena Kapoor Khan, I don’t expect much from him even though he’s given us films like Page 3 and Fashion.

Emergency was declared in India in 1975 due to political reasons that we’re not getting into and I agree that Bhandarkar has tried to keep as real as he could, but Indu Sarkar is not so much about the Emergency. Indu is an orphan who stutters and hence no one adopts her when she’s young and no one marries her when she’s old enough. But then she meets Navin Sarkar (Tota Roy Chowdhry) and they eventually get married. Now Navin is a part of the system so when Indu brings home two innocent children, he asks her to choose between living with him, or leaving the house with the children.

Now because she’s a Madhur Bhandarkar heroine, the choice is obvious. She leaves and becomes an activist and joins a group known as Himmat India. OUT OF WORDS. Eventually, the Emergency comes to an end, and now let’s go home – I was dying to leave the theatre and come home.

Screen Shot 2017-07-28 at 5.26.09 PM

As the narrative unfolded I started to believe that this is not a story about the Emergency, but more about Indu trying to escape her husband. It is more about politics within than outside. I felt that the Emergency has been used just as a mere backdrop. The film does have some great scenes, but none of them are political. The emotional scenes take the cake. But, it’s a film based on politics. You do the math.

I really want to believe that Kirti Kulhari is an amazing actor, and she does have potential, even in this film, but the writing is something that just holds her back. Bhandarkar has given her a very underwritten character. And the same to Neil Nitin Mukesh and Anupam Kher. I will not blame the actors at all, but they aren’t allowed to do anything. And to add to this, the narrative just slopes downward.

To worsen the case, Kulhari is given a monologue in the court room. Some where toh I have seen this. But in Indu Sarkar it’s just not working. It wasn’t even needed! And after she finishes her utterly boring and Pink ke monologue se bahut ganda monologue, there are tears in the eyes of the officials, who hate her, and the lawyer who was questioning her with hatred gives her a look of, I-don’t-know, admiration, maybe?

And let’s not forget the background music. Rula dia mujhe…

All in all, I don’t know what I have watched and neither will you. All the best!

If I had to rate the film, 2 years back, Madhur Bhandarkar had a film called Calendar Girl. I take this opportunity to remind you of it…


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