Priyanka Chopra to act in her first Hindi production?

After producing regional cinema under her banner Purple Pebble Pictures, Priyanka Chopra is now producing an English TV show. But that is not where our desi girl stops. there always is more to do for her. She is now producing two Hindi films, one of which is a love triangle between two heroes and a heroine, while the other is a woman centric film that revolves around a single mom.

A source close to the production has informed, “Priyanka wants to cast leading young, A-listers for the two-hero film, but no one is agreeing to play the second lead. Everyone wants to be the guy, who ends up with the girl. Priyanka, who has been part of several two-heroine films in the beginning of her career, is finding this reason hard to fathom. Also, for the heroine centric movie, none of the actresses are game to playing a single mother. PC is looking at a certain age bracket and everyone feels this would stereotype them. In fact, since PC is not finding the right person for the project, she is contemplating doing it herself.”

We really hope this is your comeback in Hindi Films, PeeCee. We really miss you here!


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