Trailer Tales: Simran: The Queen is back to reign

Kangana Ranaut’s much awaited Simran is finally here, with just a little over a month for its release. Ranaut with her other team members, launched the trailer of the film today. And by the looks of it, it is possibly going to take us for a ride. Some may argue that Kangana is seen doing what she did in Queen, but we don’t really think so. This is going to be bigger and better. Rani was dependent, Simran, seems like she has it all set for herself, id not for anyone else.

Screen Shot 2017-08-08 at 7.06.39 PM.png

According to the trailer, Simran is a carefree soul, who is addicted to gambling and theft, so much so that she steals a police car too. The trailer is everything fun and at the same time, emotional too. I couldn’t stop laughing at this one particular dialogue:

Boyfriend patana koi character flaw thodi hai. Ladke patana toh talent hota hai…

You have to watch the trailer yourself to foresee all the fun awaited on 15th September. Watch it here:


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