These wardrobe essentials are what a dream mens closet has!

Gentlemen, have you ever imagined a perfect wardrobe? Of course not all of you have, but at least some of you might have! With changing times, fashion for men has also changed. There was a time when the men did not enter the field of fashion, either for a career or just for the sake of ‘dressing well’. It was around the reign of Queen Elizabeth 1 that men began taking interest in fashion. However, it still wasn’t as elaborate as womens fashion. Not that it is even today, but fashion for men sure has taken a turn, while the boundaries between fashion for women and men continue to blur, bit by bit! We pick for you five must-have’s from the AW17 collection of various designers from across the globe! And even though we have an obvious winner here (the Gucci bag), we can’t get our eyes off the J.W. AndersonĀ knitted sleeve asymmetric coat.

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