Jacqueline Fernandez: I have seen star kids struggle

Jacqueline Fernandez may not have established herself as an ‘actor’ as of yet, but her presence in films has certainly been praised, specially in action and comedy films. After the release of her latest, A Gentleman, Jackie spoke to a daily and said, “I am not supposed to do an indie project because other people are telling me, ‘You are a glamorous actress now and you should be doing indie films’. That will never be my mindset.”

She further added, “That will mean I am doing it for the wrong reasons. It should come from within. If I feel that I want to do something completely different I will do it. As an actor, I do my job with conviction so it is for no one to actually judge because it is my journey. I choose things which I can do justice to.”

She also spoke about there being no difference in her life as an actor and that of a star kid, “Good attitude and hard work are what take you forward in films and in life. I feel both outsiders and industry kids have to put in their fair share of hard work. No one has it easy. I have worked with industry kids and seen their struggle. They have seen my struggle, but the audience doesn’t come because of your background, that way they are quite unforgiving. They will only come if they like you.”