I have not yet met a happy married man in my life, says Kangana Ranaut

Kangana Ranaut is one woman who doesn’t mince her words. She says what she has to, no matter who it hurts. As long as she is speaking her mind, she is good to go, and we believe she is absolutely right. Because why keep something inside when the world can know.

While she spoke to a leading magazine, Ranaut spoke about extra-marital affairs and said, “Well, you have to add ‘young’ to successful and strong. When you’re young, you tend to believe the sob story of a married man when he tells you ‘my wife beats me’. If a married man, who is persuading me, gets a minute alone with me, he will say, my wife is this evil bitch and I am this poor person’ and how the one who is sitting in front of him is his savior. Women have to stop falling for this bullshit, this crap. This is not the truth at all. Do you think I’ll buy that now? No way. I have not yet met a happy married man in my life. No matter what the age is. At some point, post 25 years of age, you don’t buy this. But when you’re between 15 and 25 the natural tendency of a young woman is to fall for someone who could be an ‘ideal husband’ forgetting that he’s already a husband.”

We, maybe, agree!