Alia Bhatt: Today it’s me, tomorrow, it might be someone else

Alia Bhatt is one actor, who, from her very first film has established herself. And with every film she does, she proves that she is the best in the industry (among her contemporaries). Recently while speaking to a leading daily, Bhatt said, “I don’t look at it that way. I don’t want to see things where I look at other people and think ‘Isko yeh mil raha hai, mujhe kyun nahi mil raha’. That’s a very one track mindset. Because nothing is permanent, things change every day. Today it’s me, tomorrow, it might be someone else.”

When asked about her success and finishing five years in this industry later this years, she said, said, “I’m not too attached to the idea of myself being successful. That’s not the reason I’m doing films. I am doing films just to satisfy my desire to be an actor and play different characters. Of course, I want the films to be good because I don’t want to cheat the audience. And because of that, my films become successful. So success is not the driving force, but it’s the byproduct of the passion and determination I have towards my movies.”

“I decided to become an actor at the age of four. A four-year-old has no clue about success. I set my heart on it and I’m still the same four-year old inside. I’m just an older person now. But the heart inside me is the same. Which is why I will never be attached to this image of mine, I will rather be forever passionate and grateful,” she added. 

On the work front, Alia will be next seen in Meghna Gulzar’s Raazi after which she will begin shooting for Ayan Mukherjee’s Dragon. 



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