Shweta Tripathi and Sholk Sharma take their iPhone shot film to Busan 

Shweta Tripathi and Sholk Sharma take their iPhone shot film to Busan 

Shweta Tripathi is one actor whose acting abilities cannot be questioned. She started her career with television and films happened in 2015, with Masaan. The 2017 Haraamkhor was actually her debut film but because of its bold subject, couldn’t get producers and then fought against the censor board. But all’s well that ends well and Haraamkhor is still doing the rounds of international film festivals. It will be screened at the South Asian Film Festival in Paris next month. “The festival feathers in the credits of your film are the greatest satisfaction,” said Shweta in an interview. 

Her next, Zoo is about a drug addled teenager, Misha Mehta who stays confined to her room. The film also stars Shashank Arora who plays her drug dealer. “The film was shot over 30 days in Mumbai. To look like an addict, I gave up sugar and carbs for three months. I didn’t want people to see Shweta in the character at all,” the actress recalls. She also added as to how she prepared for the role, “Misha never leaves her room as she is spiralling down the rabbit hole of guilt. To get into character, I restricted myself to the same room. My urban avatar in Zoo is a far cry from the poetry-loving Shaalu Gupta of Masaan.”

The 32 year old actress spoke at lengths to this leading daily about how it’s so difficult to find producers to back artsy cinema because of the huge risks involved. “Anurag and Vikram watched Zoo together and decided to back it. It brings a sense of validation when established makers back your film. Experimental cinema needs all the support it can get.”

Signing off, she mentioned the role that the society plays in making people like Misha what they eventually turn out to be.  “Society and family have a big role to play in who teenagers like Misha become. Everyone seems to be pulling each other down. We’re trying to tell an honest story about the increasing disconnect with the real world.”

Currently, Tripathi and Zoo director Shlok Sharma are on cloud nine as their film, which has completely been shot on an iPhone 6s Plus, is being premiered at the Busan Film Festival in October. 

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