Don’t treat Kangana as a beacon of feminism, says Apurva Asrani

All of us know that Kangana Ranaut has writing credits in her next, Simran. The original writer of the film, Apurva Asrani had problems with the same, but director Hansal Mehta said that Ranaut deserved the credits. After a series of tweets earlier, Asrani had stayed away from the matter, but he is back. Here is what he told a leading daily:

“I have fought to retain my credit because it’s my story. What Ranaut did, irrespective of her claims, is what all good artists do. She added value to what I had already written. But the way she’s played this narrative of dismissing my work and questioning my credibility as a writer is nothing short of character assassination. It has hurt me and my reputation. All I want to say is that people shouldn’t take her at face value — they should question her. She shouldn’t just be treated as a beacon of feminism. There is a lot of duplicity, lot of lies, lots of false allegations. I want people to see her for what she is, not what she projects herself to be.”

Now, who do we believe?


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