Simran: Isn’t Kangana Ranaut the Queen after all?

We don’t really know how much of the story and dialogues are written by Apurva Asrani and how much by Kangana Ranaut, but what ever is the outcome, is not what you expected!

Simran is the story of a 30-year old Praful Patel, who is divorced and lives with her middle class Gujarati parents in Atlanta, while she works as a housekeeper at a hotel. She wants to get out of her parents house and lead an independent life. One weekend, she heads to Las Vegas with her cousin and there starts her sudden addiction to gambling. So much so, that she loses all her money, borrows more money and loses it all again. Now she has to repay this money, so she starts robbing banks.

The writing and direction by Asrani and Hansal Mehta is good, with some great dialogues, but it is clanky. The film suffers the curse of the second half, which seems to be going somewhere, but you know where, so there is no fun there. The film goes very smooth when Praful is inside her home, with her parents – who are amazing actors. Their fights, their unsaid love for each other – it is all very natural. But once she steps out, specially after her first theft, the film falters.

But you don’t end up complaining so much, because you see yourself smiling. But is that what you go to a film for?

If you couldn’t guess by the promos, Simran and Praful both are the same girl. Praful gets the name Simran after watching a DDLJ scene. I mean how else could she have gotten it?

Hansal Mehta is widely known for the layering that he gives his characters. And he does give Praful his best, but is the story strong enough to give Praful that push? Praful is independent, fun, cute, dramatic, fearless, fearful even, but does this sort of story telling do justice to her character? I mean she is robbing big banks where she hands out a note written in lipstick which reads something like ‘hand over the money’ and the police doesn’t catch her. Are you telling me she didn’t leave her finger prints on the piece of paper, or on the door, the table, anywhere?

Coming to Kangana Ranaut. Let’s just establish the fact that Ranaut is a powerhouse performer. She has given us amazing characters like Shonali, Tanu, Datto and Rani to name a few. So does Praful match up to them? Maybe, maybe not! She plays Praf to perfection, but somewhere between Praful and Simran, Ranaut loses that Rani factor! Not that Praful and Rani are similar in any sense. They are both completely different women. But after Queen and Tanu Weds Manu Returns specially, Ranaut has set the bar too high. What happens when you reach close to the bar, but don’t touch it? The result is Praful Patel.

I am not saying Ranaut is bad. She has definitely given a performance that could be touted as the performance of the year, but she fails to reach the heights of her own goodness.

All in all, did Kangana Ranaut know that the final product won’t be as good and hence the controversies? But if you ask me should you watch the film, I’d say go for it because it is a one time entertainer.

If I had to rate the film, Praf is a once in lifetime type of character, but she is stuck in the wrong script!



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