After Alia Bhatt, is Varun Dhawan’s girlfriend insecure of Taapsee Pannu?

Varun Dhawan’s relationship with Natasha Dalal isn’t hidden anymore. Everyone knows about it now and now Varun doesn’t shy away so much and talks about her with the media. But looks like Natasha isn’t completely trusting of her boyfriend. She has started to get insecure about his closeness to his Judwaa 2 co-star, Taapsee Pannu.

A source revealed, “Natasha isn’t a movie star, and she reacts to news and gossip. When people started talking about how good Varun and Alia Bhatt looked as a couple on screen, Natasha asked Varun to avoid too many films with her. Now she doesn’t want Varun to push Taapsee too hard.”

The insider further added that “In reality, Varun is a committed boy and will never two-time her. In fact, he’s now being seen often with Natasha, and does not stop the media from clicking pictures or videos of them together.”

Well, this is a storm that will mostly settle after the release of Judwaa 2, which also stars Jacqueline Fernandez.


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