Judwaa 2: A comedy of worse sorts

When you walk into a David Dhawan film, you generally decide to leave your brains outside the theatre. I have done that for all of his films, and honestly, many a times, I did have a good time. But I just could not do the same for Judwaa 2. I haven’t watch the entire Judwaa (starring Salman Khan, Karisma Kapoor and Rambha) but of what I have watched, I did enjoy it in those times. Maybe the film was relevant then, or maybe it wasn’t but it was a nice one-time-watch kind of a film. But what happens when you recreate the same film, that was misogynistic in the 90s again in 2017. You get an overtly misogynistic that you cannot handle. And worse come to worse, the film isn’t even a comedy.

Judwaa 2.4

The story is the same, twins Raja and Prem get separated at birth, fall in love with different women, then meet and the result of all of this is unintentional comedy that fails miserably. In a David Dhawan film you don’t expect plot, characterisation and other such technical aspects of filmmaking, but when you remove ‘fun’ from his films, then you just can’t put yourself to watch an entire feature film.

The worst part of the writing is that when Raja does some action, is beaten up or whatever happens to him, Prem gets a reflex of the same. And all of this happens only according to the convenience of the situation. But that is not it. Raja, who doesn’t have money or a passport, ends up in London because he cries and begs and pleads to the passport agent. The supposedly ‘humorous’ Indian cop in London is also fooled in the same way and he chases Raja all around a touristy London but of course can’t catch him.


Though Varun Dhawan’s comic timing, dance moves and action sequences are something you don’t question because you know they’re good, but that doesn’t take a movie ahead. And instead of showing us what he can do as an actor, he just wants to be more like Salman Khan or even Govinda. The female leads, Jacqueline Fernandez and Taapsee Pannu basically play bimbos in the film. While they aren’t given much to do, I have a huge problem with their characters.

I agree that the actresses do have the liberty to do whatever kind of role they like, but at the end of the day, they are responsible for the story they tell.

And more than anyone else, I didn’t expect Pannu to be playing this sort of a character. After films like Pink and Naam Shabana to her credit, Taapsee just drops the ball. Of course she would have wanted to do a ‘different’ kind of film, but this is not good different. And very honestly, after Chashme Badoor only all of us had realised that comedy is not her cup of tea. An actress as fine as Taapsee Pannu doesn’t deserve a script like this!

In one of the songs, the lyrics go like:

Suno Ganapathi Bappa morya, pareshaan kare mujhe choriyan 

No comments. And there was a time when I was a fan of songs chalti hai kya 9 se 12 and tan tana tan tara, but now I could just cringe on hearing them.

Judwaa 2.1

I agree that the characters of Prem and Raja are supposed to be fashionably funny, specially Raja, but it’s not funny, but disgraceful. I mean why would you wear a fishnet t-shirt. It is not 1997 anymore. No one will buy all sorts ‘funny’ as ‘funny’.

All in all, on a serious level, Judwaa 2 is one of the most misogynistic films of all times. It would have been okay to digest it 20 years back because of low awareness, but not in an era where we celebrate strong Indian women on screen.

If I had to rate the film, 2 minutes into Judwaa 2 will make you realise the amount of money you are about to waste on this film!