Ideally flawed, Priyanka Banerjee and Sanjana Shah talk theatre

I’ve known both Sanjana (Shah) and Priyanka (Banerjee) for over two years now and the kind of creativity and subsequently, creative energy they bring to the table is phenomenal. They are now coming up with a series of plays “The Flawed Few” that recognises the rejected plays of acknowledged writers. Both Shah and Banerjee are not just terrific creators of art, but also ‘business women’ in the true sense of the term, handling the operations of TAO Art Gallery, Mumbai and Leo Girl Production (respectively). And did I mention Sanjana is still a college going student and Priyanka just graduated?

Ideally FlawedIdeally Flawed-2Ideally Flawed-3Ideally Flawed-4Ideally Flawed-5Ideally Flawed-6Ideally Flawed-7Ideally Flawed-8

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