Tumhari Sulu: Vidya Balan is my HERO

Stereotypes. They are a huge problem in our country, especially among the Indian middle class. And more so, amongst the middle-class women. In the past few years, various films have spoken about these stereotypes but all of them just fell into the ‘stereotype’. In such a scenario, Tumhari Sulu is a standout!

The film is about Sulu and her middle-class life. It is about her husband and son, her elder twin sisters, their husbands and her own father. It is about learning to be happy in whatever little you have. Maybe sometimes you don’t have anything, there are times when you feel you’ve lost it all. But then, you always have your family. Tumhari Sulu traces the life of this woman – a housewife at first, a businesswoman at places and, of course, an RJ.

Debutant director Suresh Triveni captures the essence of this woman and her dream to not just stay confined to the four walls of her house beautifully. It is heartwarming and heartbreaking at the same time. He tells us a story about this functional/dysfunctional family without a sense of discomfort. He tells us a story about this woman with complete ease.

Like Sulu, Tumhari Sulu isn’t perfect. The second half is stre(eee)tched and some songs are un-needed but I am not complaining and neither will you because Vidya Balan doesn’t let you! After Kahaani and Kahaani 2 I had thought that Vidya Balan couldn’t top herself because she was amazingly brilliant in both the films. But seems like I was wrong.

Balan seems to not have an end when it comes to her creative knowledge.

I have always admired her talent and will continue to do so. People tell me that when I review any of her films my bias could come in. But, she is so brilliant in all of them, that there cannot not be praise.

Sulu is empowered, she is confident, unashamed and competitive with her own self. She is the kind of woman who doesn’t want to win a lemon-spoon race just for the sake of it. She is concerned more about the lemon falling off. And not only has Balan played Sulu to the T but I cannot think of anyone else who could have done this.

No one could have played Sulu like Balan has. The brilliance of Balan is what makes Sulu what she is. 

Another favorite of mine, Manav Kaul, plays Ashok, Sulu’s husband. Ashok is angry and supportive, playful and sad. he is everything a common man is, and you see him how he is. Now that is a talent of Kaul. I haven’t really seen his films before but I have seen Kaul perform at Prithvi a couple of times and I AM A FAN. Neha Dhupia plays Sulu’s boss, Maria and does do a lot of justice to this character. Though, while Sulu challenges the stereotypes, Ashok and Maria fall under them.

Another brilliance of this film is the costumes. One of the major reasons you buy Balan as Sulu are her sarees. And kudos to her stylists, Pranay Jaitly and Shounak Amonkar (Who Wore What When) for styling her like Sulu throughout the promotions as well.

All in all, go watch Tumhari Sulu for Vidya Balan, and maybe you’ll learn to appreciate life (if you don’t already)…

Watch the trailer of Tumhari Sulu here:



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