Katrina Kaif: Saying women should not dance in films is an ignorant comment

Katrina Kaif is definitely one of the best dancers we have in the industry. And if you doubt her dance moves, just go to YouTube and watch Sheila Ki Jawani, Chikni Chameli or Kamli, to just name a few.

Recently at an event, the actress was asked about the culture of song and dance in Indian films, to which she replied, “Can you possibly do a song or can a person do a song which may be distasteful? Of course! But then don’t do the song. Don’t do a distasteful song. But if you’re going to say ‘women should not dance in films,’ then that’s an ignorant comment. Because dance can be beautiful. I grew up in musicals. I grew up on the kind of movies that MGM was making which is all about dance and music. And, I love dance. I think dance for me and movies will always go hand-in-hand. Maybe not in every film. It’s not to say there is a song in every film even I do. But when there’s a song to me it’s dance, it’s celebration, it’s in the heart of the people of this country. Even if we are not to look to Hollywood or to the kind of musicals they used to make more frequently.”

She further added, “Definitely in India song and dance is part of the people’s culture, it’s part of their emotion and it’s part of their heart. I don’t think that’s going to ever change, at all.”

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