Kedarnath recreated in Mumbai for Sushant Singh Rajput & Sara Ali Khan’s film

Kedarnath sure is one of the most talked about films of next year, credit, Sara Ali Khan. The young Khan will be making her big Bollywood debut with the film opposite Sushant Singh Rajput. The duo has shot for the first schedule of the film in Kedarnath itself and will be shooting the second schedule here in Mumbai. The shoot includes shooting for flood sequences which was, obviously, not possible there but a set has been erected in Mumbai which has cost the producers 7 crores.

A source close to the production told a leading daily, “They have replicated the entire holy city at a whopping cost. A model of the Kedarnath temple has also been designed. Since the film is an inter-faith love story, set against the backdrop of the devastating Uttarakhand floods, the makers plan to shoot the flood sequences now. Hence, this will be the city that will go under the water. Huge water tankers, too, are going to be made available for the shoot.”

“They shot the major portions in Kedarnath during the first schedule, but they cannot shoot the flood scenes there. It has to be done in a controlled environment. So, they decided to put in money to recreate Kedarnath in Mumbai itself,” the source added.

How excited are you for Kedarnath?

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