Hope Taimur will follow my footsteps, says Kareena Kapoor Khan

No one has done pregnancy like Kareena Kapoor Khan in Bollywood. The star diva has not only managed to stay in shape after her delivery, but in less than a year since then has even shot for an entire feature film.

Recently, while speaking with a leading fashion magazine, Bebo revealed, “I have gotten back to shape, yes, thanks to a combination of pilates and yoga that I have always done. These are two regimes I try to find a balance between. As long as everything is in moderation, it all works out. I have just done one film after Taimur’s birth, so I make time for him as well. It is about doing something that I love and being a parent as well. I am content balancing it all.”
On what advice she has for working women to become healthier, Kareena said, “For me, it has been a combination of workouts and a long journey of nearly nine to ten months of being really dedicated. I have always eaten healthy even though I do indulge in black forest cakes, French fries, and pizza, I don’t eat those things every day. I have predominantly been a vegetarian and so I have a green vegetable in my meal at least once a day. I brought that change in my husband and I hope my son will also follow in my footsteps. We are not voracious meat eaters, we don’t cook meat at home, it (eating non-vegetarian food) is just a once-a-week thing. It doesn’t have to mean we have to be boring. It is just eating everything in moderation.”
Credits: Harper’s Bazaar Bride