Fukrey Returns: What is the purpose of return?

Fukrey Returns: What is the purpose of return?

To be very honest, I did not understand what was happening in Fukrey Returns. I don’t mean that I did not understand the philosophical aspects of the film or something like that, but I just couldn’t follow the basic plot. Not because I am stupid but because there is nothing to follow.

I really liked the first part, where Chucha has a random dream, Honey makes a number out of it and they win the lottery, with a very nice Bholi Punjaban angle. In Fukrey Returns, Chucha can see the future and Bholi has been reduced to a mere sidekick. Though she is in the frame for long, she doesn’t have much to do. And basically, the film is a mess. There is an unneeded snake, a tiger and her cub, a 10 crore scam, a corrupt politician, a khazana and some laughs here and there oh and there is song in Goa as well!  Daal do jo daalna hai, apni hi film hai!

Richa Chadha is one of my favorite actors today and so is Ali Fazal. But it seems like both of them have done this film just to carry on the characters they gave life to in the first part. Both Chadha and Fazal try their best but kuch hai hi nahi karne ko. Pulkit Samrat as Honey, Varun Sharma as Chucha and Manjot Singh as Lalli do well, but again, nothing to do. There also is the brilliant Pankaj Tripathi, who is given one of the best punches along with Varun Sharma. They do crack you up, but not many times.

What keeps you sane throughout the film is the characterization. Honey, Chucha, Lalli, Zafar, Bholi and Pandit Ji are all wonderful characters, but I hope director, Mrigdeep Singh Lamba would have put them in a better story. What is also good, is the chemistry between Honey and Chucha but, again, kuch hai hi nahi karne ko. 

All in all, I want to know the purpose of return of Fukrey Returns!

If I had to rate the film, is movie ne meri life jhand kar di hai…


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