I was called first but refused: Kangana Ranaut on Hrithik Roshan’s TV interview

No matter what the news, the Kangana-Hrithik controversy takes the cake this year in terms of media and audience engagement. The last of this debate was the appearance of Hrithik Roshan on an interview with one of India’s leading journalists.

Recently at an event, Kangana Ranaut spoke about the same and said how she was invited to it first but chose not to go for it, after which the invitation was extended to Roshan. “In fact, post that when I went through exploitation by the person that I worked with – the kind of lawsuits. They are sitting across the table (in an interview) and talking rubbish. My lawyer has released a video refuting everything that he has said. This person (journalist) who keeps asking everybody to apologise, has not asked him a single question, why is that? So, this sort of very conditional journalism, whatever sails your boat.”

She added, “It should  not be selective because if you promise to come to my show I won’t ask you questions. Because I was called for that show and I refused to go and to get back at me – this politics and selective journalism. This all happened in a very hostile environment and again the industry ganged up.”

“Even till this date, the struggle goes on,” Kangana ended her statement.

Now that’s a turn we didn’t expect!

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