Juhi Chawla: In films, the hero is the hero

Juhi Chawla is one of the few actresses who emerged in a time the men always took the cake. She has played by her own rules and has carved a name for herself.

But does she feel the actresses today don’t have to deal with the atrocities she and her colleagues had to deal with? “I am not exactly sure what’s going on about any debate on gender,equality, and stuff in the world right now. Some things have changed for the better and some… I am not sure if we are headed in the right direction. As in, 15 years ago there used to be one or two women on the sets of a film with 100 men. Today, there would be maybe 35 women and 65 men in a film unit, which is great,” Juhi told IANS in an email.

“So, yes, the opportunity to go out and be working and the freedom has increased for women. But on the other hand, films are still hero-centric… In a majority of the films, the hero is the hero,” the Gulaab Gang actress added.