Vote for your favourite playback singer (female) from 2017

Here are the nominations for Best Music. Vote for your favourite now!

BB Picks-3.png

12 responses to “Vote for your favourite playback singer (female) from 2017”

  1. Chirag thakker says:

    Love the Song Rafu sung by Ronkini Gupta

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  2. Rudrapriyo Ray says:

    Rafu sung by Ronkini is so far the best song

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  3. Smita says:

    Love the song sung by Sweet Ronkini

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  4. Umesh says:

    I like Ronkini’s Song & singing too

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  5. Saugata ghosh says:

    All the best

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  6. Antara Sen says:

    A very soulful rendition by Ronkini. God Bless!

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  7. Hi! We appreciate your vote and comment. But please send your votes in the Google form above as only votes there will be counted. Thanks!


  8. Sabyasachi Gupta says:

    Ronkini Gupta did the song from Tumhare Sulu beautifully, she deserves the best female singer category

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  9. Sabyasachi Gupta says:

    In my opinion Ronkini Gupta is the best female singer of 2017

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  10. Sabyasachi Gupta says:

    no further comments

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  11. Santanu says:

    Great talent; huge potential.

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