The price of wisdom is innocence, Mahira Khan comments on the Ranbir Kapoor controversy

Mahira Khan and Ranbir Kapoor’s pictures from New York have been seen by one and all. Ever since the photographs were leaked, rumour was that the two are dating, which is far away from the truth.

Khan spoke about the controversy in a recent interview and said, “This is my first bout with controversy. I never knew this can also happen. There were film-related controversies earlier but I never experienced controversies related to my personal life. These controversies make you understand that you are vulnerable. Your vulnerability is someone’s money for the day. The price of wisdom is innocence. So, I have definitely become wiser but sadly a little less innocent.”

She also said that she is in love with life and romanticizes everything. “Life is such a beautiful thing. When you sit for a moment during the day and live that particular moment, everything seems perfect. I romanticise every moment of my life and that is why I have fallen in love with life. I can even romanticise a door opening and closing.”

About falling in love, Mahira said, “For now, peace for me is putting Mohammad Rafi’s songs on and sit with a cup of tea.” So does she plan to get married again or fall in love again? “I might and I hope that I fall in love again because I have experienced it and it is just so good.”

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