Saif Ali Khan: Taimur will have to learn ‘Please, Thank You, Aadaab’ like Sara

Saif Ali Khan was recently quizzed by a leading daily about Taimur Ali Khan and the stardom he has received at such a young age. He was also questioned how are the parents (Khan and Kareena Kapoor Khan) are going to deal with it once Baby T grows up. to which Khan replied, “You have to sit him down, the minute he can understand it. And it’ll start with calling the people at home and not yelling. It’ll be manners, it’ll be ‘Please, Thank You, Aadaab’. It’ll be discipline from a young age. At least we know these things. These Bombay kids are out of control. He’ll be very well behaved. And honestly, if he does his ‘namaste’ right, he’ll score points. Have you seen Sara’s aadaab when she was younger? This is it. This is what we need, a nice aadaab from Tim.”

Tim apparently is Taimur Ali Khan’s nickname. We LOVE!

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Source: Hindustan Times