Katrina Kaif: I am not threatened by Alia Bhatt

Katrina Kaif has finished a close to fifteen years in this industry and is one of the most prominent names in B-town. recently, the actress was asked if the younger lot is becoming a tough competition to her, to which she said, “More than anything, it makes me happy. But it’s a wrong notion and a flawed concept that I must work harder just because new actors are coming in. You should work hard on your own regardless of whether 10 newcomers are entering the industry or you are the only person in it. I feel you work hard if it’s in your DNA to work hard and if that’s your work ethic.”

Kaif was also particularly asked about her said competition with her close friend, Alia Bhatt. “I feel proud of the work that Alia is doing. Honestly, I don’t know others very well. Are there movie roles and maybe a few endorsements that are going to Alia now, for which I would have been the first choice? 100 percent. And is that the way things work or the way things should work? Yes, they should. She is 22 and I am not. You must accept the fact that life is constantly moving. Every day, we are moving forward. I am not 21; does that take away from me? Do I feel threatened by it? Not at all! It’s the process of life and we have to embrace a new place now. And I hope there are new and exciting things for me to do. I hope film-makers see this phase or the person that I am today. And I hope they get excited to make spaces for me — in my current capacity — in their films.”

On the work front, Kaif will be seen in Thugs of Hindostan and Zero next, while Alia is busy working on Gully Boy and Brahmastra.

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