Padmaavat: My least favorite​ Bhansali film after Saawariya

4 thoughts on “Padmaavat: My least favorite​ Bhansali film after Saawariya”

  1. I liked your review and you made some good points…there were no outstanding dialogues and I couldn’t quite find any chemistry between Deepika and Shahid. At the same time Deepika has done justice to her role, even though as you correctly state as the titular character she ought to have received more screen time. As for Jauhar, it is completely unjustified but to the makers credit they stated it right in the beginning that the movie doesn’t encourage it. But one must grant Deepika that her enactment of that scene was absolutely top-drawer.

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  2. Amazong review! simply amazing.
    you included everything which i and many other women must have thought after watching the movie that if this things happens in today’s era, then should we also die?? i mean what message sanjay sir trying to send? bollywood impact pur lives but sometimes movie makers just think about making money and indian people keep watching such kind of “without message” movies, earning then millions.

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