Deepika Padukone comments on Swara Bhaskar’s open letter

Shahid Kapoor and Ranveer Singh have earlier commented on Swara Bhaskar’s open letter and now Deepika Padukone has also done the same. Everyone was eagerly waiting for Padukone’s comment on the letter and here is what she had to say.

“She probably missed the disclaimer at the beginning of the film. You probably went out to buy some popcorn and missed the initial disclaimers that come out. I think, secondly, the fact that it is important to view a film in totality and to see in which period it was set in. Third of all, I think for me this film is not just about the act (Jauhar) that they all committed, but it stood for so much more. For me, it’s a celebration of women and their strength, power & dignity.”

While the Padmaavat actress may have a point, we do not agree with her! Do you?

One response to “Deepika Padukone comments on Swara Bhaskar’s open letter”

  1. The Queen knew war fighting techniques. She was brave as Rani Laxmi bai. Inspite of all, she preferred to Kill herself and motivated rest all women that to by taking all brave men’s permission. Nothing Glorious, Dignity about it.
    The Story is set to pamper Man’s ego. His beautiful wife chessed by bad man, asks Him permission to kill herself, and does the same as time comes. She could have died while fighting the war.
    Anyways its a Man’s fantasy. written by man, movie made by man.

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