Vidya Balan: It is conditioned that the mother is more crucial to a child; not true

Vidya Balan is known to be quite the homemaker but seems like she is not the only one performing the household chores. Sidharth Roy Kapoor also seems to be sharing the workload at home. At least that is what Balan’s philosophy says.

While interacting with a leading daily, the Kahaani actress said, “At the end of the day, a marriage of any relationship is a partnership, so there has to be equality. Men aren’t accustomed to this idea, which is why women have to lure them into doing at least some of the work before expecting them to do 5 percent. See, both partners step out of the house to earn their livelihood but it’s highly unfair that after a long, hard day, the woman has to come back and do household chores. Even if she has help at home, she still has to monitor, supervise and keep a check on everything. So, men should contribute equally.”

She also spoke about stereotypical gender roles and said, “Yes, that’s because of the deep conditioning that the mother is more crucial to a child’s upbringing than a father. But that’s not true. I’m not a psychologist, this is just my opinion. As the mother has borne the baby, she instinctively doing that much more. Even if she has had a smooth pregnancy, once she delivers the baby, she wants to spend time with the little one. However, she also needs to get her energy back. No one ever talks about that. We forget that the woman too needs a lot of care.”

Well, we agree!

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