Shahrukh Khan: We all sell fantasies in movies

Who doesn’t want to listen to/read what Shahrukh Khan has to say? So we read it too. While speaking to a leading news agency recently, Khan spoke about his choice of roles and how he makes the choice. When quizzed about whether or not he will do a film based on a social cause like Akshay Kumar, he said, “Everybody has their own system of doing a film, why they do, how they do. I feel a film. I don’t go searching for a film. I have been a producer for 15 years, I have never produced a film that I think I should do. I think films choose me.”

He further added, “Sometimes they (films) go wonderfully right, sometimes they go fantastically bad and I am ok with it. If I don’t keep that part of my life fluid, whatever level of artistic, I can’t wake up every morning and keep on acting. I can’t do it (acting) as a job, I am not saying others are doing it. Different strokes for different folks.”

King Khan also explained how his gut feeling is important while choosing a character. “My father used to play hockey. No one knew I played hockey. Someone offered me a film on hockey, everyone said it was the worst film being made. There is no heroine, the girls are unknown, the songs are bad and I look awful with a beard. It became ‘Chak De! India’,” he explained.

“It doesn’t mean I will do another film on hockey… There are things that appeal to me organically and sentimentally, so I do my films… We all sell fantasies in business, in cars and in my line of work,” he concluded.

Khan will be seen in Zero next, alongside his Jab Tak Hai Jaan ladies, Katrina Kaif and Anushka Sharma.

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