Sneaker Tales: Why Ugly Is The New Cool

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. Well, your faith in the age-old adage is about to be reinstated thanks to this fashion lexicon. Meet the ugly sneakers. Chances are you’ve already spotted them around. Maybe it was on the feet of celeb fans like Future, Kanye West, Chance the Rapper or Kid Cudi. Or it was on the runways of Balenciaga, Rick Owens, Gucci, Valentino, Dior Homme.. you see, the list goes on. The dad shoe movement is ubiquitous. And if the recent Fashion Week cycles were any indication, there’s no stopping their raging popularity.

You can’t exactly miss these chunky-soled sneakers. Colour combinations reminiscent of the loud ‘80s, patchwork materials, extra-thick soles and standout shoelaces are what makes them ‘ugly’. Wear your dad shoes with athleisure, tailored trousers, oversized jackets and even office wear. So take your pick from a plethora of high-end brands or head to the nearest fast-fashion outlet to pick up your own. Or just rummage through your parents’ attic and you might just stumble upon a pair or two. Yup, your dad’s old Nikes that until recently were a crime against style are now oh-so-cool.

One wonders what caused this sudden, almost extreme, change? We’d like to believe it’s because, in this era of superficial perfection (we’re looking at you, Instagram), there’s something real, something simple about this trend. But as popular as it is, it can also be divisive. Either you think it’s a work of art or it makes no sense to you. These beautiful ‘ugly’ shoes might help you decide which side you’re on…

Sneaker Tales-2Sneaker Tales-3Sneaker Tales-4Sneaker Tales-5Sneaker Tales


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