How To Wear The Fanny Pack in 2018

The first memory I have of a fanny pack is that of my uncle’s attachment to his nylon black version. At an age where other peoples opinions don’t matter to you, I felt strong second-hand embarrassment by him. But as they say, in fashion, one day you’re out and the next, you’re in. And fanny packs (or bum bags or belt bags) are certainly IN. The ‘bum bags are cool again’ movement began some time last year and is continuing to gain momentum ever since. eBay’s report reveals that 57,000 fanny packs were purchased online in 2017. Safe to say this once taboo tourist accessory has come a long way.

The fanny pack is a hit on the runways, in the street style scene and with the who’s who of fashion. You could be basic and wear yours around the waist or even better – drape it cross-body like the cool kids are doing. Another favourite is to style it over a coat, blazer or pantsuit to cinch the waist.

If you’re unsure how to go (or even feel) about this trend, check out these examples of what the updated iterations of a fanny pack are looking like…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

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