Journalism Mystery Death

It is days like today (among every day, of course) that make me feel proud of the fact that television disgusts me. When I say television, I do not mean American or European or, let’s say, non-Indian TV Soaps. I mean Indian TV – from the over-dramatic soap operas to the advertisements to the new age of news. There was a time when news was meant to inform but since the concept of ‘infotainment’ (basically, information + entertainment) became popular, the focus of news’ shifted and ‘consumerism’ became the key principle for increasing TRPs.

While I still refrain from watching television, I do reach out to the world and its happenings mainly on Twitter, and this is what caught my eye right now:

Maut Ka Bathtub (The Bathtub of Death), really? Usually, when I speak on issues, I refrain from taking names of peoples, organizations, et cetera, but today I just cannot. I am sorry Aaj Tak but this is not what we expect out of even small channels. You are one of India’s leading news channels and this is your stupid headline. But that is no all.

Do not know which channel this is but isn’t “woh nashe mein apni jaan gawa baithi” too inhuman for anyone? And how can a freaking news channel come to a freaking medical conclusion? And what is that wine glass doing in this image above? Have you lost your mind, writers of such news?

And it doesn’t end here. the media has created a hashtag too, which is trending and now the laymen have also joined in, tweeted voraciously, about their thoughts on the same. Everyone wants to come to conclusions even before the legendary actress can be honoured one last time. Everyone seems to want answers to questions they don’t even seem to know. And to all those reporters and people, sitting in a studio or at home doesn’t make you an expert. Yes, all of you are entitled to your own opinions and are free to share them as well, but keep your disgusting and misogynistic self away from this tragedy that the nation is facing.

I am sorry, Mr Arnab Goswani, but you too have sunk to the lowest degree of low. This is the worst face of journalism. An actress, a woman, wife, mother and more, who has given fifty years of her life spreading joy – only and only joy – doesn’t deserve to be treated like this. This nation doesn’t deserve reporters and news channels like this. It deserves better. Sridevi dedicated her life not just to her passion but to all her fans in different parts of the country and world and this is not how you speak about her Mr Goswami. Yes, you may have seen some documents that are circulating the internet – even I have seen them – but that doesn’t mean you point fingers at someone who was and shall remain a legend.

And this is exactly why India needs a journalism wave where more journalists like Barkha Dutt and Faye D’Souza emerge because they do not care. They do not care about their TRPs, they do not care if their respective channels and mediums of news go down in the drain. Because they have a heart; because they do not care if you decide to stay glued to Aaj Tak or Republic; because all they care about is, respect. And I really wish we see such a wave really soon. Until then I will continue my refrainment from Indian television and news…

One response to “Journalism Mystery Death”

  1. It was so disrespectful to someone who contributed immensely to cinema. It disrespectful to Sridevi ji, her family and young daughters. I was seething with anger to what people indulging into and a real shame. Newskamaut and so cringe-worthy.

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