One-tone dressing – the trend that will never fail you

Think opposites attract? Not always! Tonal dressing – which means wearing multiple shades of the same hue at once (think lemon, buttercup and saffron), proves otherwise. The commitment to sticking to one colour palette is striking and lends a sense of sartorial confidence. Basically, it’s your fast-track to looking more put together.

Oh, and the real beauty of tonal dressing is that it works for almost any scenario, any season. Come rain or shine, come business or holiday, there’s nothing that could stop you from dabbling in this trend.

The most obvious version that we’ve all embraced at some point is the minimalist fave all-black look. But where’s the wow factor in that? Instead start with other colours that you must have stocked on – think grey, blue or neutrals. Then work your way up to pastels and bolder colours.

The in-the-know secret to pulling off a tonal look is actually to break up the colour monotone. Throw in a printed jacket, add a metallic piece or play up fabric textures for a truly standout look. Here’s how…

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