#OpenLetter: Dear Indian media, Sridevi deserves to ‘Rest in Peace’

It’s been close to 48 hours since the untimely demise of India’s first female superstar, Sridevi Ji and while we still recover from this tragic loss, our Indian journalists and leading news channels have just made it another prime-time debate.

One of the most loved and humble artistes ever been part of Bollywood, Sridevi was an enigmatic human. Her impeccable acting talent and grace were unmatchable, and will be for years to come.

Due to her unfortunate death in another country, the laws of UAE confine and follow a certain procedure in such situations which conveniently takes 2-3 working days, as tweeted by the Indian ambassador to UAE.

Today, what we see on our Indian news channel is not only disheartenning, but brutal and shameful!

Has the media stooped down to levels were they ‘analyse’ the death of an individual? Have TRP ratings and viewership taken over and surpassed the ethics and values of a journalist?

With prime time shows headlining “Maut Ka Bathtub” and trending #SrideviDeathMystery on Twitter, I believe we have absolutely degraded the legend and hard working woman Sridevi was. This is totally unfair.

It was only a few hours earlier when the same channels showed clippings of her famous movie scenes and dialogues reminiscing the talent we lost. And today, tables have turned for the worse. They are not just raising questions on the ‘character’ of the deceased, but also speculating and making the ‘audience think the way they want them to’. Yes, this is the truth.

The situation is framed in several, if I must say, disgusting ways which make me simply just want to switch off my TV. There are questions being raised on the type of alcohol she must’ve consumed, whether it was white or red wine. Also, questions like, how can someone who was so fitness-conscious accidentally drown – were also raised. Really?

Well, this is surely not the right manner, nor is television the right medium to raise such questions at this crucial time. Sridevi is survived by her husband and two daughters. The least we can do is respect the departed soul and pray for Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor. While the nation lost a valuable star, the girls lost their mother. They, and all of us, deserve to remember Sri Ji in the best of health and appreciate the last few happy moments she spent with her near and dear ones.

Today has been a rather unfortunate day for our country. We did not only lose our superstar but also our souls to the Indian Media.

As I cringe penning down this truth, this is a heavy-hearted open letter from an ardent cinema lover grieving the loss of our Hawa Hawai girl, Sridevi.

One response to “#OpenLetter: Dear Indian media, Sridevi deserves to ‘Rest in Peace’”

  1. The day good journalism died and was so horriying the way this beautiful soul was degraded. I can’t fathom what they indulged into and sadly some bloggers turned into karmic or bathtub experts.

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