The 8 Denim Trends In Every It-Girl’s Closet

Ah, the timeless denim. It came into our lives in the 19th century and it never left. It is truly the one trend that’s never gone out of style. This season, it looks like it will be even more of a trend. Look beyond the trusty jeans in your wardrobe and take a step into the inventive world of denim. Denim is no longer just denim. It’s currently exploding with its own trends and we’re here for it. So a pair of jeans with not one but two waists? Yup, that’s a thing. Denim in every colour of the rainbow? Why not! Basically, the creativity when it comes to denim is off the rails and it’s time you get in on the experimental wagon.

So we scouted the best from runways and street style and uncovered these one-of-a-kind denim designs…

The Double Waist 

Exaggerated Hems 

Coloured Denim 

Cuffed Jeans 

For The Feet 



Drop Crotch

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