Esha Deol returns to films

There was a time when Esha Deol was one of the leading ladies of B-town and she had a fan following of her own. Even though the latter continues, she decided to settle down and make a home after her last release, Tell Me O Khuda. But looks like Hema Malini’s daughter cannot stay completely aloof from the camera.

The actress is now making her comeback with a short film, to be directed by Ram Kamal Mukherjee. “I think the idea came to Ram Kamal’s mind after he interacted with a couple of working women from various walks of life. He has beautifully woven those incidents in his narrative,” said Esha. Why did they decide to make a short film and not a full-length feature film? “I think this is the right time to make short films. And honestly, my priority is my daughter Radhya now. I have requested my husband to take a break for some days and just be with Radhya while I wrap up the shoot in one schedule. And I am lucky to have someone like Bharat.”

Well, we hope her daughter, Radhya grows up soon and we see Esha in the movies again.

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