9 Dialogues of Alia Bhatt that we cannot get over

Over the not-so-many years that Alia Bhatt has been in the industry, she has proved that she is one of the very few actresses from all times who can give you a run for their money. Here are some of our favourite dialogues of the actress:

Mini Poo knows it all!

AB Dialogues

Seconf film, but the finesse of a veteran…

AB Dialogues-7

Kavya told her father what other middle-class girls couldn’t.

AB Dialogues-5

Who would say otherwise? 

AB Dialogues-6

Because it is all about loving your family…

AB Dialogues-8


AB Dialogues-2

Basically, all of us! 

AB Dialogues-4

Now that requires some deep thinking…

AB Dialogues-3

Aren’t we all running? But from whom? 

AB Dialogues-9

Here’s wishing Alia Bhatt a very happy birthday!









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