Will Priyanka Chopra sign Salman Khan’s Bharat?

The Indian audience has been dying to watch Priyanka Chopra in a Hindi film. Her last outing, Jai Gangajal, released 2 years back and since then, Chopra has not even signed a Hindi film. This is because of her busy schedule, juggling Hollywood scripts and Quantico. Every time PC flew down to Mumbai, everyone assumed that she would make an announcement about her Hindi film, but that has never been the case. But looks like this time around there is going to be some news.

As Chopra is busy reading multiple scripts, a source informed a daily that she might freeze it on Ali Abbas Zafar’s Bharat, starring Salman Khan. If she agrees to do the film, this will make the coming together of Chopra and Khan after ten years (God Tussi Great Ho was their last film together). The source revealed, “Priyanka has also worked with Ali in Gunday (2014) and shares a good rapport with him. This film will see the three of them collaborate for the first time.”

Well, well, well! What excites Chopra, only time will tell!

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