Anand Ahuja slaps patriarchy in the face, adds Sonam Kapoor’s ‘S’ to his name

The fact that Sonam Kapoor had added Ahuja her name on Instagram had created a rave on social media. After having the wedding of their dreams, Sonam Kapoor added Anand’s surname to her name but that is not the news. The news is that today even Anand Ahuja has changed his Instagram name to “anand s ahuja” and this is just so adorable. Not just adorable, it is also so responsible. While Kapoor will begin promoting Veere Di Wedding in a couple of days, this comes as a vital change because the film challenges the norms of patriarchy. Ahuja adding Kapoor’s ‘S’ in his name just proves, not only how much the adorable couple believes that they have an equal standing in their relationship, but also how committed both of them are.

Screen Shot 2018-05-17 at 4.55.28 PM.png

We love this, don’t you?

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