Saif Ali Khan: I’m here if Sara needs me

Saif Ali Khan: I’m here if Sara needs me

Saif Ali Khan hasn’t been much involved in launching his daughter, Sara Ali Khan, into the movies, or so we think. But turns out, Daddy Khan is as concerned about and involved into Sara’s debut as is Amrita Singh. After the shooting of Kedarnath had been stalled for a couple of months, Saif Ali Khan took it upon himself to make sure Sara had at least one film that would give her the much needed kick, and probably that’s how Simmba would’ve happened.

Recently, the Nawab said, “I’ve been keeping track of it and, of course, it bothered me because I wanted things to go smoothly with her. But I’m very happy that she now has a good film with Karan Johar. I was quite involved with her getting on board with Karan but after that, I can afford again to take a backseat. I’m here if she needs me.”

Well, looks like Sara will have to take it from here now…

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