Nick Jonas asks Priyanka Chopra to move in with him

Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas may have not told the world that they’re very much in love with each other, but we know it already! The lovebirds have been frequently spotted together as they head for dinner and coffee dates and baseball games. What ignited the rumours further was Priyanka Chopra being Jonas’ plus one at his cousins wedding in New Jersey. They even spent the Memorial Day weekend together.

Now, buzz is that Nick Jonas has asked his global icon girlfriend to move in with him. A source told an international daily, “Nick is telling pals that Priyanka is the one and he’s asked her to move in with him. Nick loves that Priyanka is older and more mature than his exes. There’s no game playing. They have a really easy relationship.”

Well well! This is what we call NEWS!

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