Katrina Kaif: Forgiving and forgetting is hurtful

Katrina Kaif turns 35 today, and oh boy she’s so wise! Miss Kaif has always had a very practical approach towards life and recently, she spoke to a leading daily about her idea of forgiving and forgetting. She said, “You have to forgive and forget. If you keep that bitterness in your heart towards somebody, you are holding that emotion inside you, and you will experience its effects. So, even if you have been wronged, it will still be you facing those negative emotions. Also, most people are doing what they think is right for them, at that point. It’s hurtful, but that’s the way I see it,” Katrina revealed.

When it comes to finding love and, the Bang Bang actress stated, “Love will happen when it has to. There’s no sense of urgency. The time that I have spent alone has been very important to understand myself better. So, I do believe that it will happen at the right time.”

Miss Kaif has sure spoken like a true lady!

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