Here’s what Sridevi wanted Janhvi Kapoor to do in life

Here’s what Sridevi wanted Janhvi Kapoor to do in life

In just two days, Janhvi Kapoor will earn the status of being a star. The star kid is already a star, but she hasn’t earned any of this. With the release of Dhadak this weekend, lil Miss Kapoor will be a star herself. While speaking to a leading daily about how her parents reacted when she broke the news of becoming an actor, she said about Sridevi, “There were a lot of sounds. There was a lot of ‘Aiyyo!’, but I think she knew that the bug had bitten this poor girl.”

She added, “When I was a kid, she really wanted me to become a doctor. I don’t know why, and I was like, ‘I am sorry mom, but I don’t have the intellect to become a doctor.’”

Kapoor revealed that dad Boney Kapoor eased her mother into agreeing to let her pursue acting. “He was very chilled out. He is like a typical Kapoor. He was very supportive. He eased mom into the idea of it. I think my parents have worked very hard to get where they are, but I think people often underestimate how hard it can be to be a producer or actor especially in their times. This is not a 9-5 job. It’s a lifestyle to be in this profession.”

She added, “He was excited that I chose to prove myself or do something with my life. Mom was like, ‘I have worked this hard because I wanted my children to have it easy, so that they have a relaxed life.’ But I think I wanted a fulfilling one. That meant much more to me. I don’t think I would have been a satisfied person had I just lived off whatever my parents gave me.”

Also starring Ishaan Khattar, Dhadak releases on 20th July.

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